A adaptation of Mega Man X based on Mega Man Maverick Hunter X.

Prolouge: Discovery


Chapter 1: First Mission


Chapter 2: Below Zero

Chill Penguin

Chapter 3: Thunder Metal

Spark Mandrill

Chapter 4: Stone Labyrinth

Armored Armadillo

Chapter 5: Deep Sea

Launch Octopus

Chapter 6: Power Tower

Boomer Kuwanger

Chapter 7: Green Inferno

Sting Chameleon

Chapter 8: Sky High

Storm Eagle

Chapter 9: Searing Heat

Flame Mammoth

Chapter 10: Recollection

Chapter 11: Web of Iron


Chapter 12: The Walls Are Watching...

Rangda Bangda

Chapter 13: Darkened Memory


Chapter 14: Final Battle

Velguarder, Sigma

==Chapter 15: The World's Hope==

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