Page 1:

                                                                                   Giggles(W:Happy Boomerang Weak:Stick Spin)

Flippy(W:Bowie Knife Weak:Happy Boomerang)·Shop·The Mole(W:Stick Spin Weak:Duck Throw)

                                                                             Petunia(W:Duck Throw Weak:Bowie Knife) Next

Page 2:

                 Pranky(W:Banana Trip Weak:Stick Spin and Web Bomb)           Webb(W:Web Bomb Weak:Bowie Knife)

Ale(W:Ale‘s Mine Weak:Banana Trip)    Lumpy Castle     Splendid(W:Red Laser Weak:Candy Shield)

Nutty(W:Candy Shield Weak:Pickle Attack)      Lammy(W:Pickle Attack Weak:Ale's Mine)

Lumpy Castle

Josh(Weak:Pickle Attack)


Rematch Eight Bosses(Weak:See above)

Lumpy(Weak:Bowie Knife)

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