Mega Man Y is a Mega Man fangame in production by Phen01 on DeviantArt.


The year 20XX. It has been many years since Wily's death. The world is finally at ease. However, with every waking moment Mega Man has been making sure the world will be secure.

Over the last number of years between the framing of Doctor Cossack and now, his daughter Kalinka has been progressing quickly through school, and recently graduated from college with her doctorate degree in robotics.

Since then, 10 robots have come off her assembly line. They are about to go to their receivers...

  • show slides of large aircraft breaking the ceiling, snatching the ten robots and a human hand grabbing Kalinka's arm from within the craft*

Kalinka and her ten robots are kidnapped! Before long it is all that is broadcasted on the news.

Mega Man: "Kalinka? Not again! I'll go get her!"

Proto Man: "Me too! Let's go!"

Dr. Light: "Proto Man, no! I'll need to do some upgrading for you first. If I don't, your energy core will explode! Wily's last two official ploys were risky enough! As for you, Mega Man, I have created two new armors for you, the Heavy armor and Power armor. They are color coded as to not confuse them."

Mega Man: "Great! So what am I up against?"

Dr. Light: "Each robot has been deployed into an area where they can control largely important things. Roll will help you identify each one."

Roll: "That's right! Just ask if you want some tasty tidbits on any control area."

Mega Man: "Alright! Let's go!"

Dr. Wily has been replaced with a much younger doctor, Niels H. Tempo. As per usual, Mega Man would have died near the beginning of the final battle if not for Proto Man, who had escaped Dr. Light's laboratory to help his brother.



Robot MasterWeaponWeakness
Petrol ManOil SlickBurning Rubber
Analog WomanWave BusterMegawatt Charge
Sconce ManBurning RubberSulfur Bubble
Rinse ManSulfur BubbleSuper Slice
Nimble ManEnergy WheelWave Buster
Harpy WomanEgg BombOil Slick
Julienne ManSuper SliceEnergy Wheel
Gigavolt WomanMegawatt ChargeJigsaw Shuriken
Cavalry ManHoming CrashEgg Bomb
Wit ManJigsaw ShurikenHoming Crash


Kalinka is prominently left handed in this game.

This game directly precedes another fangame, Mega Man Final.

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