Not to be confused with Mega Man ZX Genesis by Kagimizu.

Mega Man ZX Genesis is a W.I.P. fan-made game by Team Einherjar that is a sequel to Mega Man Zero 4 and a prequel to Mega Man ZX.


It has been nearly 20 years after Ragnarok's crash. The remnants of the old world still linger but Maverick raids have become less frequent. Cybernetics are advancing, aiding both humans and Reploids, thus creating a sound and co-operating enviroment.

Ciel, an intelligent robotics scientist, is the current leaders of the Guardians, and aided in the research development towards cybernetic implants for humans. By creating this sort of system, humans are now able to roam in once inhabitable areas to start repopulating as well as growing immunity to infectious diseases and increasing their lifespans for longer durations of time. With the help of the Guardians, liberating dangerous areas are possible and help connect the world together a little at a time. These days of paradise and peace seem to be everlasting... or so the world thought.

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