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Mega Man Zero 5 is a Nintendo DS game.

Story and gameplay

After the Neo Arcadia incident, everyone start a new life in Area Zero, but there are still Mavericks, including some robots modified by Dr. Weil. As Zero had died (again, and this time for the last time) in Mega Man Zero 4, the player uses one of the Resistance and Caravan members in each stage, each with a different objective or mini-game: Ciel, Cerveau, Andrew, Alouette, Hirondelle, Rouge and Jaune, Hibou, Menart, Perroquiet, Colbor, Faucon, Neige and one Pantheon. Some of the main objectives include "defeat all Mavericks", "search for Zero", "search Ragnarok fragments" and "search the Cyber-elf".


  • Albert has a cameo appearance in the game.

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