An event in which Mega Man was sent on a mission to investigate strange happenings and signs of struggle in Lab 7 of the Ministry of Science. Once he arrives he is attacked by a Robot Master he's never met before yet he feels like he knows who he is somehow. The Robot Master identifies himself as Astro Boy. Suddenly, Mega Man has a flashback from his past, he remembers reading about him in a history book he's been reading. Mega Man realized what he was up against...The champion of all Robot Masters who ended the war between robots and humans centuries ago. Mega Man understood that this fight was less likely to be easy, but he didn't hesitate to step forward. Shortly, it became a deadly clash. Astro Boy was being plain hard to catch and then used his Digibeam to slice one Mega Man's arms clean off. Fortunately, it was his left arm, his Buster was his rght arm. Mega Man then attempted to copy one Astro's abilities. However, it appeared that Astro also could copy abilities. He copied the weapon data into his own arm and improved the weapon, with it his primary Arm Cannon became much stronger. Astro aimed at Mega Man and fired. Afterwards, the latex that had protected his exo-skeleton was destroyed; he also lost his right leg, he couldn't get up with ony one leg. Astro was going to fire again. Mega Man only had a few swift seconds to make at least one shot into the mouth or Astro's Arm Cannon. Mega Man success made a shot into the opening. Astro's arm was completely dismantled. Mega Man then jumped upward and kicked Astro in the face, making him tumble to the ground. Mega Man kept beating him until he was dead. Mega Man hated himself for killing the legendary hero who made everything we have now a reality. That was, until Mega Man saw Astro's body dissolve into a black cloud which escaped through the vent in the ceiling. Mega Man heard footsteps behind him seconds before he passed out from his lack of energy. He wakes up to see the real Astro Boy talking to Dr. Light about what happened and what that creature who imposed as Astro was; Astro also said it is likely to come back after being defeated. Mega Man jumped out of bed with a new leg attached to him; he told Astro that he would be ready for that creature whenever it decided to show up.