This is another upcoming game it will feature charaters in legend of zelda and as a bonus Inuyasha(since both Link and Inuyasha are mideval swordsmen)


So far the desinger has revealed that Zant has kidnapped Mayl Sakurai after knocked Lan unconsious and threw him into a void sending him into Hyrule,Lan is cappable of crossfusion but his megabuster and other high tech weaponry are unable to function(Due to the time and Era).After being thrown around and chewed on by Twili Shadow Beasts,which left big holes in his clothing(Which forces him to get new clothes that are hyrulian styled version of his regular clothes) he saved by Link who brings him to Hyrule castle where Lan finds out in a dream that Zant plans on using Mayl as a sacrifice to restore Ganondorf's(AKA Ganon) body and and revive him.Inuyasha will appear somewhere after clearing the fist temple along with Sango's pet Kirara who Escaped while Zant attacked a village cutting off Inuyasha and Kirara from their friends.In the game.Also The Hero's Shade will play a major role in the game by giving Lan his sword The Soul Blade,A powerful weapon near powerful as the master sword,also The Hero's Shade will teach Lan secret skills.


Lan Hikari(compainon:Tael the fairy)

Link(Companions:Epona,Navi the fairy)




Chanselor Cole


Dark Link


The Hero's Shade



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