This is one of fews Megaman 9 hacks.It is Megalion‘s 4th Game,it features Stage change and 9 brand new bosses.

Although its release date is upcoming.


♂Mud Canary(replace Concrete Man)

♂Storm Hippo(replace Tornado Man)

Trident Dolphin(replace Splash Woman)

♀Thunder Skunk(replace Plug Man)

♀Crystal Frog(replace Jewel Man)

♂Homing Wasp(replace Hornet Man)

♂Lava Worm(replace Magma Man)

♀Space Hedgehog(replace Galaxy Man)

♂Mystery Ape(replace Fake Man)


1.This game have 4 female bosses.

2.Space Hedgehog resemble Amy Rose from Hedgehog

3.This is only Megalion game,stage are changes.

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