This is the current item listing for Megaman: A New Age.

Normal items

Spare Body: Gives you an extra life.

Energy Tank: Restores all of your character's HP. Weapons Tank: Restores all the energy for a single Special Weapon.

Refill: Restores all Special Weapons immediately.

Beat's Whistle: If you fall into a bottomless pit, Beat will come and save you.

Shock Guard: Protects your character from one spike or lava pit, only inflicting small amounts of damage.

Defensive: Doubles defense for the current stage.

Auto Tank: If you run out of HP, half your HP is restored automatically.

Accelerate: Increases the speed of your main attacks for the current stage.

Book of Hairstyles: Megaman-only item, lets you fight Robot Masters without your helmet.

Dusty Scroll: Eris-only item, trades the Naginata for an energy-type rod with no difference.

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