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Megaman & Maxwell Rumble (Apart names are Megaman Rumble & Maxwell Rumble) are two 2D platformers for the Gaming Maple published by Vermont Gameware and developed by Capcom. It is the second crossover game between Maxwell the Golden Lab and another video game icon, the first being Maxwell V Sonic. Dr. Wily (Megaman's Archenemy) and Glabdoom (Maxwell's Archenemy) team up to end both of their enemies by send them to the other world, (Megaman in Peacemont and Maxwell in Rotropolis, as what the city is called in this game) and see how they will survive.


Unlike Maxwell V Sonic, Maxwell stays true to his series and so does Megaman.


Maxwell can fire an umlimited ammount of missles from his Pocket Cannon, can throw his hat, and can headbutt. Unlike Megaman, Maxwell does not get power-ups from defeating a robot master and can swim (though he can drown when his O2 runs out unless he gets air bubbles or gets out of the water.)


He can fire unlimited shots from his gun arm and can get a power-up from defeating a robot master. However, he can not swim but can breathe underwater.

Robot Masters

Megaman Rumble

  • LionMan
  • RoseWoman
  • SnailMan
  • DirtMan
  • BallonMan
  • CloudMan
  • ShadowMan
  • SwordMan

Maxwell Rumble

  • CutMan
  • GutsMan
  • SplashWoman
  • SheepMan
  • ToadMan
  • GravityMan
  • HardMan
  • TrainMan


If both games are saved to the same Transferable Data Drive, bonus content can be unlocked in the other game. These bonuses can be switched on and off in the Bonus screen.

Megaman Bonuses for Maxwell

  • Megaman's Helment- Beat 1 Robot Master
  • Megaman's GunArm- Beat 3 Robot Masters
  • Rush Skin- Beat 6 Robot Masters
  • Peacemont Stage- Beat Glabdoom

Maxwell Bonuses for Megaman

  • Maxwell's Baseball Cap- Beat 1 Robot Master
  • Maxwell's Pocket Cannon- Beat 3 Robot Masters
  • Beer Skin- Beat 6 Robot Masters
  • Rotropolis Stage- Beat Dr. Wily

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