Megaman 11.5...... Two years after the events of Megaman 10,Mega Man is back for some more action.


Everybody was looking forward for Wily to unleash his new eight robot masters for Mega Man to battle obviously,but things are a little different this time......


After Wily receives a message from Dr.Blowhole,a dolphin who was created by Dr.Wily for the Wily Wars,but was scrapped.The dolphin is an intelligent cyber dolphin who thinks rationally like a human.He himself wants to be more famous then Wily and Light and sends out his own robot masters after Mega Man to show everyone that he is more intelligent,and it's up to Mega Man again to stop the villain.

Robot Masters

Tub Man Weapon:Rocket Brush Weakness:Grill Blaze
Soapy Man Weapon:Soap Bomb Weakness:Rocket Brush
Rainbow Man Weapon:Giga Laser Weakness:Shard Shield
Glass Man Weapon:Shard Shield Weakness:Hot Egg
Grill Man Weapon:Grill Blaze Weakness:Soap Bomb
Sea Man Weapon:Hot Egg Weakness:Giga Laser
Explosion Man Weapon:Remote Explosion Weakness:Multi-Rocket
Rocket Man Weapon:Multi-Rocket Weakness:Remote Explsion

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