Megaman Advance is a series developed by Pyrostar. It is a cross between the original Megaman series and Megaman Legends.


The Megaman Advance series takes place in an alternate dimension Earth in the year 24XX. It follows the story of Mega Volus and his adventures saving the planet.

Megaman Advance is a parallel version of all canon Megaman games from the original to Starforce- however, gameplay remains largely the same.


  • Mega Volus (Megaman)- An adventurous young boy with naturally perfect DNA. This allows him to access a powerful piece of biotechnology nicknamed R.O.C.K., a biosuit which gives him the power to absorb types of technology. He uses this talent to protect Earth from any form of threat.
  • Roll Volus- Mega's sister. A tomboyish girl with a calm demeanor, she also possesses perfect DNA, which enables her to utilize R.O.L.L., her own knock-off biosuit.
  • Light Sparkell- Mega and Roll's uncle, Light is an incredibly smart guy and created R.O.C.K. and R.O.L.L. However, his experiments in the first game create the main foes, the Robot Masters. Light constantly downplays his intelligance, fearing another catastrophe.
  • More charaters will be added as the series is made.

Games in the series

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