Megaman Hybrid is the 3rd/2nd installment in the Net Warriors Time-Line. It follows the adventures of Lan's Sun Pat.

Major Hybrids

Megaman Hybrid- Pat's Hybrid Navi that is one of the 2 main characters of th eseries (along with Pat).

Cutter Hybrid- Jarred's Hybrid Navi, Megaman's First Rival. The First Boss of the Game.

Demon Hybrid- Enzan Jr.'s Hybrid Navi, Megaman's Biggest Rival. The Fifth Boss of the Game.

Boulder Hybrid- A Futurestic Hybrid  Navi that is owned by Goaren AL. He is the Second Boss of the Game.

Tigris Hybrid- A Futurestic Hybrid Navi that is Owned by GIGI GIGI ALNOW. She is the Third Boss of the Game.

TIKI Hybrid- A Futurestic Hybrid Navi that is Owned by Nobody. She is the Fourth boss of the Game.

Jet Hybrid- The First Jet Hybrid Navi. Not Owned. The Sixth Boss of the Game.

BUG Hybrid- The Only Boss based off of a Classic Character. The Seventh boss of the Game.

VIRUS Hybrid- A Combenation of Hybrid Viruses. the Eighth Boss of the Game.

Tank Enialator Hybrid- The Final Boss.

Bass Hybrid- Bass has become a Hybrid Navi. What will happen Next.


Pat's House


Nazara Mountain

Nazara Beach

Nazara Zoo

Nazara Airport

Nazara City




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