MegaMan Star Force Revised is a series that is set in the same time period as MegaMan Star Force, 220X time period. The main character, Nero Diavolo, a 12 year old boy who has lost his memory due to a dark past, must reluctantly join force with the alien Shadow, to exploit evil plots, made by either Shadows allies or foes, while trying to find about his past, and finally opening up to the social life. Ironically, the result of Nero Diavolo's EM Wave Change with Shadow (fusing together into EM Waves) forms NightShade, an entirely shady figure. Currently, there is only one installment but is going to continue to have more.

MegaMan Star Force K-LEB

Main article: MegaMan Star force K-LEB

In this installment of the series, Nero Diavolo is suffering confusion after being revealed that his memory was forcefully removed from him six years pass, and after discovering his inner power, Nero Diavolo meets Shadow, a traitor of his kind, and together, performing EM Wave Change, defeating the evil forces coming from The Core.

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