Megaman X:Acropolis is a fan game created by Gus Paul Timothy (Dr. Ivo Robotnik) that features only one zone-Marble Garden.

Playable characters

The game features:

  • X
  • Zero
  • Axl
  • Alia


Dramatically, the game features one zone that is split in three acts.


The marble garden has some enemyes that are:


  • Acropolis was the biggest city from Athena in the Ancient Greece that is a refference to marble garden what is giant and the Acropolis too.
  • In act three of marble garden, there is a temple near tot the end of the stage that was very similar to the Parthenon from ancient Greece.
  • As said, Marble garden is a green rebuilt of Greece after how it looks.
  • It has a lot of similarities and refferences to Greece.