This Page is a transcript that shows the whole dialogue from a cutscene called Titan of rhodes from Megaman X.Matyr Warfare.


X, Zero and Axl enter the space stadium:



Lord C:Hah, foolies of mine!You arrived too far, I launched all matyr into mobius and Eurasia and soon they will be only dust.Is this not unbelievable?Ahahahahahahahahhahaaaa!

Axl:Destroying milion of lives is unbelievable?Its rather cruely and tyrannical!

Axl runs to Lord C trying to hit him and Zenthon falls from sky stopping him:

Axl.Whaaa! Who is this boy?

C:Zenthon, How unpolite from you!

Zenthon:...I...I...I Am Zenthon-Metogan!

C:Its Zenthon , My personal bodyguard.

Zero:He cannot scare me!

Zenthon looks at him:

Zero:Aaaaaaaaah!Stay there big boy!

X:We should fight him He would be easy, we beated him in past in Vulcanonic factory.

C:...You wont battle just him, Mee too in the same time;Zenthon!

X:What do you mean?

C combines whit Zenthon forming Zenthon Titan:

Z. Titan:You will battle this!I am the allmighty god...I am Zenthon Titan!

Zenthon:How, did this? No C, He is not leading me, he posesses me...I am Zenthon...Metogan!!'

Zero.Do you know X?My moter...wants that I come to her...Goodbye!

X grabs zero that wanted to run:

Axl:Stay there Road-Runner!We wont run, cotrarely we would fight!

Z. Titan:This would not be a problem.Ready or not, I will come!!!

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