Megaman X:Truth Beyond is a Mini-game from Megaman X:World Of X that can be aquired after the player (X) did a total of 23 missions.


In the Minigame, X was caged and a misteryous man tries to help X for escaping.(Actually, that man is Lord C but you can distinct his face hardly, and he will tell just lies excepting in two levels where he says the truth).This game has different controls than the regular game.

Level 1 Wait

He is after you, you must listen me closely if you want to survive...To Move, Use the arrow keys.

You must use the WASD.

Level 2 Trust

You dont trust me...Well, go on.You cannot swim...

Level 3 Suicide

Use the space bar to J...Ump.

Use the J key.Pressing Space will make X die.

Level 4 Level One

Dont you believe me...You done.Look, kill that creature by jumping on it or shoting it.

The creature is invincible.Jumping on it kills X and shoting, the creature will reflect the shots killing X.

Level 5 Caged

look that creature, Its caged down there...Not like you/use.We are free to do as well.To make the creature free, press the red button.

Pressing the red button, it explodes killing X.You cannot free the creature.

Level 6 Needs

There they are!Get the gems!

The Gems will make X go faster.

Level 7 Dark Glade

You dont trust me.I go, well...Until you need me again!

Level 8 to 13 are regular.Lord C dont says anything in that levels.

Level 14 Depiction

My My, Still on the run.Dont free the.Dont help them.They are like the all others.But ask yourself...Do you really want this?What you seek is beyond the light...

Level 15 Hero`s Hollow

There must be another way out...But maybe the cage isnt so bad...You found the path. What are you doing?You are going to kill us both! Noo!

Level 16 Freedom

In this level, Lord C has no replica and X escapes.

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