" As much people I said about this game, (Including my Parents), think that this game is too violent for a Fanon game.My parents suggested to make an Artistical side of Megaman X:World of X.Well, I had NO IDEA but some of my friends said I could create some „B-Quotes„ about the enemies (More Indeed, the fuse) so I stayed the all nights for to think about the B-Quotes (B-Quotes are wikian Quotes).As soon I finished, I put them in work.


―Me, [[{{{3}}}]]

These are the some quotes I created about Fuse from Megaman X:World Of X.

Quotes about Fuse

To see the enemies I wrote about, visit Fusions or Fusion Egos.

„These Motor Gorillas are fashioned from the Charles Darwin`s former Students.'As they dont like to be teached, they will teach YOU a bit of punches, so If dont want to lose yer face, better but those Creeps back to School!„


„Ok, as you tought fuse were just in world, their heart was Fuse Lord that must be taken down before Planet Fuse absorbs all Earth!„

-Lord Fuse

„These stupid squids are only for ground this time.Fuse finds his pre-infected minions everywhere„


„This bully wont stand down when you to hit him.He thinks himself the king of the boardwalk.You have to prove it wrong!„

-Boardwalk Bully

„This happens when a bad garage band meets Fuse.Dont ask what happened to the band members„

-Sonic Scorpion

„Hey whats worse than an angry dog?An angry three-headed dog.What is worse than a three-headed dog?A mechanical Fusion three-headed dog that thinks YOU as his dogfood„


„These Jumbos are the heart of fuse.Dont ask why but they may not be the smartest but they can give serious hits„


I will write more later.Now I have other things to do.SRY!

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