Megaman X: Evolution is a which was made in 2017. It is the latest Megaman X game to date.

Playable Characters

MegaMan X

MegaMan.exe (After fought)



Dr. Light

ProtoMan.exe (After fought)

Duo (After fought)

Bosses (In order of appearance)



Aqua Man

Clown Man

[[[Note Man]]

Cut Man

Wood Man

Air Man

Wily Robot (Aqua Man)

Yellow Devil

Wily Robot (Clown Man)

Delta Man (Normal)

Wily Robot (Note Man)


Wily Robot (Cut Man)

Bass (Treble Boost)

Wily Robot (Cut Man)


Wily Robot (Wood Man)

Wily Robot (Air Man)

Wily Robot

Dr. Wily

X Man / X Stark

Game Spritesheets

All X Stark level enemies

All X Stark level enemies

X Stark

X Start Spritesheet

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