This game is on the DS and is a sequel to Megaman 10.


A robot named Jazzmine has been spotted talking to some robots visiting Robot Park. The next day, the 8 robots short-circuited mysteriously. Dr. Light has been contacted about the robots and how they blame Jazzmine. So, Megaman, Rush, and Auto and Eddie are out to save the robots and stop Jazzmine. Before he starts, the 8 robots are fixed but are malfunctioning and are blocking the way to Jazzmine Tower. So now Megaman is going to take down the evil robots, get their powers, and save the day.

Robot Masters

By the way, P is the power you get from them, and W is their weakness.

  • Light Man- P= Light Arrow W= Frigid Shield
  • Frigid Man- P= Frigid Shield W= Boil Beam
  • Boil Man- P= Boil Beam W= Blow Tornado
  • Blow Man- P= Blow Tornado W= Toxic Bomb
  • Toxic Man- P= Toxic Bomb W= Sea Ray
  • Sea Ray- P= Sea Ray W= Clock Stop
  • Clock Man- P= Clock Stop W= Ninja Star
  • Ninja Star- P= Ninja Star W= Light Arrow

These are the bosses for Jazzmine Tower and Wily Tower. W is the weakness since they have no power.

  • Jester Spring- W= Frigid Shield
  • Met Tank- W= Toxic Bomb
  • Jazzmine- W= Boil Beam
  • Yellow Devil 1.5- W= Light Arrow
  • CWU-02Q- W= Toxic Bomb
  • Copier- W= (the weapon similar to the weakness of the robot he is copying, like Ninja Star would be Bubble Man's weakness.)
  • Wily Machine XI- W= Light Arrow
  • Wily Capsule XI- W= (same as Copier except he copies the abilities of robots in the game)

Special Stages

There are 4 special stages, each with their own boss and their own powers.

  • Protoman- P= Proto Shield W= N/A
  • Bass- P= Treble Armor W= Boil Beam
  • Duo- P= Transport W= Sea Ray
  • Quint- P= Quint Strike W= N/A


Since it made for the DS, it has the DS controls. The Touch Screen is the Weapon Menu. The game is in 16-bit.

  • Control Pad- Move
  • A- Jump
  • B- Fire; Charge
  • X- Slide
  • Y- Use Special Weapon
  • L- Switch Weapons
  • R- Switch Weapons
  • Start- Stop Game To View Weapon Menu
  • Select- Pull Up Game Menu

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