Megaman X Corrupted is a fangame originally created by JKB Games© . The game will take place after canon events from Megaman X5 assuming that Zero is still around. Not much of the story has been decided yet.

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One of the main antagonists of the game is known as Strike, but his backstory and goals are still unknown at the moment. There is also a set of eight total that will be fighting against X and Zero. If they work for Strike or not is a mystery.


Strike, one of the game's new antagonists.



Boss name

X Weapons Zero Weapons
Warfare Milodon Homing Missile Flame Slash
Plasma Puffer

Plasma Bouncer

Blade Bouncer

Neurohack Mosquito Neuro Spike Heat Haze
Warp Vulpex Warp Vortex Warp Strike
Hurricane Hoatzin Cyclone Razor

Hurricane Slash

Crystal Raffal Crystal Bomb

Crystal Slash

Sparking Scorpio EMP Spark Lightning Rod
Force starfish Force Breaker Force Breaker

Fortress Bosses

  • Fortress Bosses still stand unknown.

Final Boss

  • Final Boss Still stands unknown.

X Armours

Hydra Armour


H-Helmet Increased recovery rate and draws in items
H-Chest Bubble Blast - Pushes and damages enemies on contact
H-Arms Hydra Buster - Fast Spread Shot that can go through walls
H-Boots Hydro Jump and enhanced underwater mobility

Phoenix Armour

Pheonix Armour


Recovers weapon energy when standing still

P-Chest Recovery health energy when weapon are full

Pheonix Buster - Shoots a stream of flames.On impact, homing flames are released, seeking nearby enemies.


Flame Dash - Faster and longer, leaving a trail of flames. Also grants X to walk on fire/lava.

Ultimate Armour

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Unlimited energy for special weapons


50% damage reduction


Up to 4 charges. Final charge releases the Plasma Shot.



Zero Armours

Black Zero


  • Black Zero specs:

         Unlimited dash length

         Can turn around while dashing

         Shock buffer (Faster hit recovery)

  • Access to past skills:

         X4 - Raijingeki, Tenkuuha (Stronger shot eraser)

         X5 - Crescent-Sword, F-Splasher, E-Blade, C-flasher

Viral Armour


  • Viral Armour Specs:

         Jump height slightly increased

         Viral Infection: Infects enemies with regular attacks and on contact dealing damage over time

         Viral Last Stand: Zero can only die when he is at 1 hp (Spikes are still insta-kill)

         Viral Faze: When idle for a short amount of time, Zero becomes invulnerable to all attacks


  • Play as X and Zero, each one with a different intro and opening stage.
  • Open world with non-linear gameplay and multiple paths.
  • Decisions you make can change the story and lead to different endings.
  • Combine X armor parts to gain special abilities.
  • 5 levels of difficulty.
  • Level up to gain Skill Points to upgrade weapons and skills.
  • Complete achievements to earn extra Skill points.
  • Customizable controls.
  • Mini-map that expands a you explore.
  • Enviroment changes after bosses are defeated.
  • Lots of Ride Armours.
  • Lives, Checkpoint and Save point systems.
  • Several hidden items to collect.

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