he`s just trying to rip us off, do not listen.

"Once a long time ago, when the peace between humans and robots growed daily, I Lord C unleahsed an unspeakable evil on earth!I lifted the sword and begining a war wich of course I won.Until a new day two stupid robots, one having two pistols, another shaking a saber and another having a cannon formed the mountain from my road I could never cross.These foolies fighted heroic for freedom.In the final war, good and evil, I was losing.When it was for they to give the final hit, I opened a portal and sent them three to future, the place where I rule the whole earth.The fools seek to undone the evil I constructed in my own world.As they never stopped fighting for good, I never leaved that world out of my constant attention!„"
―The intro „The birth of evil„ , the first appearence ever of Lord C, [[{{{3}}}]]

Megaman X Misssion XG, was a unfinished fan game created by DeathTanz Mantisk and the help of Dr. Ivo Robotnik.It was a real effort beacause it was nicely much work.Most of sprites were edited and others are unoriginal fan made.The game system stand in a massive retro game platform and the bosses stand in masive groups of Bosses from three games like Megaman X, Megaman Zero and Megaman ZX.It SHOULD be really playable.The author of this game maked the first time it playable but realized that the playable version had a virus so sorry for the ones who wanted to play it.It could be more versions of XG like Megaman X Mission XG 2, 3 or even more but these games will come very soon.

There were a really playable version of the game but how mentioned it were virused and deleted so I cannod reveal where everyone can download it, I could perish your computer.


Menu Character select

Menu select 1

Menu select 2

Menu select 3

Menu select 4

Also Axl appears in the intro.


Intro Boss: Mega Scorpia

Second intro Boss: Japan Man EXE


Nine Tails -Roftoop kidnapper -save Nana

Gravity Antonion -Gravity hunter -destroy gravity tower

Dr. Psyche -Psycho labs -destroy new experiment

Magma Dragoon -Red hot fire world -find Dragoon

Copy Ride Boarski -Central -Find Central Core

Mid-Boss: Asura Basura


Anubis Necromancess -Desert Hades -Find secret area

Panter Flauclaws -Train power Arcadia -Stop Arcadian train

Deathtanz mantisk -Old Life Space -Save Old Presidential

Pegasolta eclair -Giga rain acid temple -Stop Acid Rain

Mino Magnus -Magnetic field -Enter magne-factory

Returning Mid-Boss: Asura Basura


Protectos the goreroid -Old green greedy life (Newtrogic Highs) -Find newtrogic experiment

Hurricaune the wolveroid -Rain barracks -New treasure

Bifrost -Saint highs -Find iced guardians

Rospark the floroid -Jungle Maze forest -Save the Raiders

Hivolt the raptoroid -Thunder master -Industrialism

Final Bosses:


Dr. Doppler -Underground base -New mission


Elpizo -Sky of Yggdrasil -Save Copy X


1# Albert Dragon -Flower Palace grounds -Defeat dragon core

2# Albert -Flower Palace grounds -Defeat core master

Game Final Boss

Lord C (All forms)

Theme Songs

Main; CD 0

How we first meet-Hunter base (the first time in hunter base)

Horay-Stage win

This is it-Boss defeat

Try again another time-Defeated by a boss A lookat all-Stage select

Da first meet-Character select

CD 1

Hero Dance-Intro stage

Change-second intro stage

Challenge to fight-Nine Tails stage

Gravity thief-Gravity antonion stage

Psycho experiment-Dr. Psyche stage

Magmard cave-Magma Dragoon stage

Runaway thief-Ride Boarski stage

Battle or Nothing-Intro Boss

Japan martial boss-Japan Man EXE

Body on body confrontation-Boss theme

Temple and Guard-Asura Basura stage

Obligatory confront

CD 2

For endless fight-Anubis necromancess stage

Plantium-Panter flauclaws stage

Old Life Space-Deathtanz mantisk stage

Iron sky-Pegasolt eclair stage

Magnetcic rumble-Mino Magnus stage

Courage to battle-Boss theme

Temple of the guardian saber-Asura Basura stage

Basura!!-Asura Basura battle

CD 3

Gauntlet-Protectos stage

Deep rain barracks-Hurricaune stage

The hall of mountain guardian-Bifrost stage

Perish Roseish-Rospark stage

Industrialism-Hivolt stage

Confront them-Boss theme

CD 4

UnderBattle-Doppler battle

Yggdrasil-Elpizo battle

Mandragoohn core-Albert Dragoon

Finality wings-Albert second battle

Helo!-First meet whit Lord C Form 1

Big battle-Lord C form 2

Devils merge in one-Lord C form 3

Drago fight-Lord C as Shin Dragon

Last fight for Freedom or Death-Lord C as Sky Dragon Final Form

CD 5

Shin Orbita-Shin Orbital area

Sainty-Saint Gardens

Botanica wave-Botanical base day

Botanica dimeer-Botanical base night

Musikka doom-Musikka gigalopolis

Command and conquer-Commando deserts

Hornet dance-Botanical sera hornets

Eclipse-Fall of Shin Orbital Area

On new era-Final Fall

Robotika-Robot factory

Green Highs-Grassed highways

Center-Central aerial train

Old Presidential district-Old skye


  • CD 5 contains music form other stages from game that are partially optional.
  • Final fall is another zone.It is named so beacause it is a devastated floating island.

Scrapped enemies

There was supposed to be Copy Zero AA as a boss but it was scrapped for unknown reasons from the game.


  • All bosses are selectable, but you can unlock some secret characters and more.
  • Albert Dragoon is Albert in his first form after Dragoon, in his winged form.
  • Also X is playable in a ride armor.But if you choice Ride Armor X, you cannot get out of ride armor making the game much harder.
  • At character select, an alternated Dr. Ivi rottnik appears in the outer part of the stage of Rospark holding a symbol that says Yes (if the player wants the character down) and No (If the player does not want to use the character down).
  • The second intro boss is a character from Megaman battle network, but in bosses, this type of game is not approbed.
  • Ride Boarski is fun, playable and it seems that Lord C were impressioned by his abilities and copied him, and is battled obligatory even if the player does not chose Ride Boarski.
  • Dr Ivi Rottnik first appeared as the final boss of Megaman X 3000 Souls and laterly appeared as a playable character in Megaman X Mission XG, what means that Megaman X 3000 Souls and its events happened and were before Megaman X Mission XG that is very strange (Strangely Megaman X 3000 Souls were created after Megaman X Mission XG).
  • Asura Basura appears twice in game, that means that after his first defeat, he were re-builded by unknown sources and defeated the second time for last.



Character Must
Tretista Kleverian Beat Magma Dragoon and Protectos The goreroid whit Ride armor X
Marino Beat Rospark and Bifrost using Slash beast
Cinnamon Beat Deathtanz mantisk and Gravity Antonion whit Sppedye
Axl Beat Hurricaune and Hivolt using Ivi
Vile Beat the game using Ivi Rottnik
Sigma Beat the game 4 times whit Sppedye
Iris Beat alll MMZX bosses whit Slash Beast and then beat the game using Ivi Rottnik or Zero
Agile Beat the game using Weil
Wild Jango Beat the game 4 times using every character, destroy Rospark using Sppedye then lose fighting Protectos (Must leave him beat you)


Stage Password
PlayGround 3437650752gfd
Park 5464235478655htb
Old warehouse 5365656484754
Desert 52608341715867596gekfrbk


Stage Password
Presidential district de3634946295jjvjn65
Palace 57362596523-96529-652
Shin Japan 2332-6942747479
Area Zero 5465656256

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