Megaman X Nexus is a fangame created by Dr. Ivo Robotnik. Its about X and Angela that were on a vacation on a tropical retro eco-friendly place called Pristine Palisade on Mobius. The island was attacked by Three Villians. So they were needing to find and destroy them and their mechs to regain the peace. They had to go through Amazing Area to battle Lord C, through the Aqualung Complex to confront Hitler 2# and through Pristine Parisade to confront The planner of the invasion.


The game features:

  • 1 Player: Playing whit one character.
  • 2 Player: Playing whit two characters in the same time.
  • Sound test: You are enabled to listen all the music tracks form the game just in the sound test.
  • Character select: You can enable this after choosing 1P or 2P.

Music Tracks

This is the music collection.

  • Nice afternoon-Intro
  • Helloes title-Title
  • Nice to meet ya-Character select
  • Italyan sunset-Theme of Angela
  • Day of the hero-Theme of X.
  • Toyer mad-Amazing area
  • Who call you hothead?-theme of Okuurai.
  • Arrogance-Theme of Lord C.
  • Aquatic era-Aqualung Complex
  • GooShift-Kukku GooBot battle
  • Kukkuization-Battle Kukku 15Th Battle.
  • Roman Palise-pristine palisade
  • Thunder Flowlight-thunder-flyer battle.
  • Trial to error-Thunder dragon battle.



  • Invincibility-30 Sec
  • Water shield
  • Thunder shield
  • Fire shield
  • Bule shield
  • 10 HP



Amazing Area:

Aqualung Complex

Pristine Palisade


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