The Navi Monsters (ナビ獣 - Nabiju means Navi Beasts) is the strange creatures who lives on cyberspace after Shadow accidentually push the cyberspace button. Its living on every places and even new Navi Monsters.


After the story ends, Shadow grab Eureka and scan the coralian then kill her. Samuel decide to strike them, but Shadow used red button to smash him. However, he used cyberspace button instead and trapped inside the cyberspace. The Navi Monsters attacking the robot and the crew run away, but instead they take the mysterious disc and transfer the two legendary beasts called Cybeasts. Samuel and Eureka shocked by the boy named Lan and defeating the Navi Monsters, but Samuel stop him. The Navi Monster talking at Samuel with capabilities speech. Samuel gladly thanks to him, but Lans is disappointed. The nano bug beginning grew into egg and hatch into new Navi Monster. Eureka looking the two Navi Monster fighting and look up it training. The Navi Monster evolving into bigger and mutated version of Navi Monsters. Samuel look up the Navi-like larva and evolving into mutated version of Navi Monster. Navi Monster is more evolve into biggest and more mutated version of Navi Monsters.

In the end of episode 1, Lans forgives Samuel for beening selfish and arguing then Samuel formed Eureka and Lans into Team Samuel.

Navi Battle

There are eight Navi Monster slot instead six slot. It can battle the another Navi Monsters.

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