„They`ll see me floatin` they will be hatin`!!„

Orbinaut Ivi
Orbinaut during his original appearances
Vital statistics
Title The orbot
Gender Male
Race Robot
Faction Evil (Used to be good)
Health 30 blows -CE

70 Blows- Zero

Level unknown
Status alive
Location unknown


Orbinaut were a mechanical copy of Dr. Ivi Rottnik that had a lot of loyalty to him. They were standard robots with guns and double jetpacks that had low health. Orbinaut was a mass-produced robot until Orbinaut Zero came and then just 6 Orbinauts CE Left.


  • Orbinaut CE: A regular orbinaut equipped with a standard gun and a double jetpack.
  • Orbinaut Zero: A high rank of orbinaut that has a stronger jetpack and a modified gun.

In-Game appearances


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