Paprika Scovillain
"...Initiating protocol E7-Beta. Engaging target!"
Vital statistics
Title DPN-011
Gender Male-Programming
Race Robot Master
Faction Dr. Kojiro
Health Unspecified
Level Unspecified
Status Destroyed
Location Unspecified
Paprika Sprite Left

Dr. Kojiro's 11th robot master Paprika was the second of Dr. Kojiro's many Scovillains, whom serve the mad doctor as his personal bodyguards. Unlike his "partner", Bell, Paprika has a complex AI like most other Robot Masters, as Kojiro felt safer placing it into Paprika with a bodyguard already at his disposal. He is shockingly minuscule in stature, but this tiny height disguises his deadly capabilities. He fights by floating around and firing beams from his palms, which due to special absorption panels on his body get increasingly powerful over time; if left alive long enough, Paprika can kill his opponent in a single hit.

He looks like a typical robot master for the most part, though his lower jaw is "puppet like" in nature. However, he has a plexiglas dome on his head, on his legs and within his torso to show a strange substance within; this is in fact ground paprika. This serves no use in battle, and is in fact simply because Dr. Kojiro tends to use him as a spice dispenser while not in battle.

Behind the scenes

Paprika is based on paprika.

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