Pasilla Rough Draft 1
"Mr. Rock, please - have a seat. Would you like anything? Coffee? Tea? Your untimely destruction, perhaps?"
Vital statistics
Title Miss Pricilla, Heartless Witch, DPN-029
Gender Female-Programming
Race Robot Master
Faction Dr. Kojiro
Health Unspecified
Level Unspecified
Status Decommissionable (K3)
Location Dr. Kojiro's Lair

Dr. Kojiro's twenty-ninth robot master Pasilla was not only the forth of Dr. Kojiro's many Scovillains, whom serve the mad doctor as his personal bodyguards, but also was Kojiro's first female-based RM, as well. Unlike the others, she was disguised as his secretary, hiding under the name of Pricilla. She followed him around, seemingly a harmless assistant until Mega Man finally arrived on the scene. At this point, Dr. Kojiro asked her to "take care of their guest", and she attempted to kill him with a simple pistol before being "defeated" in a single Mega Buster shot. She asked him if this went against his Asimovic programming, only to soon after reveal herself as a robot to deal with him properly.

Her attacks appear "magical" (outside of her Human guise, which simply fires a regular pistol), while keeping to a fiery and peppery theme.

Behind the scenes

  • Despite the fact that "Pasilla" is pronounced "pah-SEE-yah", the idea of her being female was based on the word Pasilla sounding like "Pricilla" when prounounced incorrectly.
  • Pasilla is not only based on a pasilla but also a stereotypical secretary (in Human guise) and an equally-stereotypical witch (in her true form).
  • Her witch hat is based off of the dried design of the pasilla, hence its crookedness to represent the wrinkled, shriveled form of the chile pepper. While pasilla are actually dried chilaca, her breast/engine turbines and forearms are actually based upon poblano peppers, which are erroneously sold under the name "pasilla" north of Mexico. Her frayed skirt is also based on a pepper -- in this case, the actual chilaca pepper that pasillas are made from. Her legs are fused together in her true form, spouting a gout of flame to "hover" upon, representing the spicy heat of a pepper. Here shoulders are spiny to represent a tattered gown.

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