Petroleum Man

Petrolium Man

Oil Man's upgrade
Model Name:
Robot Master

Petroleum Man is one of the first robot masters of Dr. Fever appearing in Mega Man Country.

About Petroleum Man

DFCN-005 Petroleum Man is created to generate more and more Petroleum. He was created because Oil Man's DNA and remains were still presented and he wanted lots of oil for building things. So he stole some and constructed Petroleum Man. Petroleum Man is more of an upgrade of Oil and and a bit advanced too. He also have the technique to do Oleokinesis (Oil Manipulation), Petroleum Manipulation or Generation. He was also created to spread Petroleum all over the city. Whenever there is fire, he will shoot it, which he doesn't know will not quench it but spread. 

Good Point: Speeds you up in Races
Bad Point: Accidental
Likes: Oil and Vehicles
Dislikes: Non-Oily things and Fire


Petroleum reacts the same as Oil Man, but more clever. He shoots three petreum blobs three times at you. After his three times, he manipulates them and knocks it towards you. He also jumps multiple times, then generates robots looking like Rock (or Blues) and seizes them. A tip is that you must shoot Fire Bomb at him, or the Copy bots, it decreases their life energy, hench Fire Bomb, which is Molotov Man's weapon, is their weakness. When defeated, you will equip Petroleum Gun.


"Ok, let's get a goo on it loser! Soon, you'll be my robot and my Master's"

"Oh you thing so? Miss me with your best shot!"

"Impossible! Your moves are unpredictable!"

"I'm Back!" (In Boss rematch in Dr. Fever's rematch stage)"


  • The quote, "Let's get a goo on it" is a pun of let's get a go on it".

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