Pixel (also known as Ashley Wong (Human name), Red Rose, and the Supreme Intelligence) is one of the main antagonist in the Megaman NGX Series. She originally serve as a member of the Five Roses (Assassins of the Bloody Barons), but as the other members are imprisoned as data disks she serves as Bass' Chief Advisor, until the others are a freed.


After becoming Pixel she greatly change her human appearance. Pixel becomes taller and no longer use a ponytail style. She also dies her hair light red. Her attire is custom made of the Bloody Baron's typical black uniform, consisting of a frilled skirt, frilled gloves, frilled boots, leggings, a belt with a heart-shaped buckle, a large bow around her neck, and a red cap, which features a green peak and the Bloody Baron insignia emblazoned on its front, turned sideways. Her bust gotten larger too.

The reason for the change is because she is considered to be a wanted criminal to the humans.


Before becoming Pixel, Ashley was a shy and nervous girl. Even though she is highly intelligent she had no friends. She is also too trustworthy, which usually gets her in trouble as during her final day, before becoming Pixel, her "friends" attempt to kill her. She was also to cautious.

After becoming Pixel, she is much more assertive, which impress her "friends". Enough for them to give up on killing her and truely become friends.

As Pixel she is completely emotionless, which the other Bloody Baron members consider freaky, minus Bass, Satelliteman, and Leviathan. In reality she only shows her personality her Five Roses teammates, especially after all of them gained human forms.


Leviathan - Superior.

Five Roses - Serves as the intelligence officer of the group.

  • Devin - Leader and strongest of the five. As a human she is Devin Black a serial-killer. Treats Ashley as a little sister. Specialize in leadership and assassinations.
  • Beth - Second-in-Commander of the group. Closest to Ashley. Specialize in close-combat.
  • Cara - Bestest friend to Ashley. Specialize in hypnotism and seduction.
  • Sweet - Youngest and newest of the group. Sees Ashley as a mother. Specialize in eliminating witnesses, in her case turning them into toys.

Abilities and Powers

Weapons and Technology



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