PlugMan.EXE image
"Biribiri! Bii, bii!"
Vital statistics
Title The Curious Spark
Gender Male
Race NetNavi
Faction Neutral
Health V1: 280 HP, V2: 345 HP, V3: 416 HP
Level Moderately strong
Status Normal
Location ACDC Area 3


PlugMan.EXE is an Elec-type NetNavi. He's a curious little fellow who tends to let his child-like curiosity get the better of him, much to the dismay of his operator "Koushiro Denkou", who's usually forced to get his NetNavi out of any bad situations. Of course, during a NetBattle, PlugMan.EXE truly tries his best, despite his curiosity and the fact he's not too strong.

PlugMan.EXE is also pretty friendly, yet he's also naive, which makes it easy for anyone to trick him into doing anything they'll tell him to do.



Here are PlugMan.EXE's attacks. Most of his attacks are Elec-based.

Plug Ball: PlugMan.EXE puts his right hand forwards and shoots out a pink spark of electricity that moves across a horizontal row of panels. If the opponent is above the spark, the spark will stop its path and move upwards. If the opponent is below the spark, the spark will move downwards. The spark can also paralyze the opponent as well.

Ground Wire: PlugMan.EXE raises his arms into the air and "plugs" them into the ground. When he does this, 4 of the opponent's panels will start flashing, before releasing an electrified wire from each flashing panel (all at once). Getting hit by the wires can damage opponents.

Shock Knuckle: PlugMan.EXE immediately appears in front of the opponent and does an electrified punch.

Electric Dance: PlugMan.EXE starts raising his arms up and down into the air happily (think the Paffendorf fad, minus the music while PlugMan.EXE stands in place) as random panels will start flashing one at a time. During this, sparks of electricity will fall from the top of the screen and land on the flashing panels one at a time. Getting hit by the sparks can damage foes. PlugMan.EXE will do this attack for a good 15 seconds until he finishes his dance.


  • "Biribiri! Bii, bii!"
  • "Biibiibii! Biribiribiri!"


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