Power Attacks are, as the name implies, powerfull attacks used by the player in Megaman X:World Of X, however not all of them are attacks.


Power attacks can be used by X if he has enough Power Matter and Power Items for the attack wanted.

The Power attacks can be initiated in weapons too, but making the weapon a bit weaker.

List of Power Attacks

  • Stun/Snare-The target/s will be stunned for a short while. 230 Power Matter-Stun Power Item
  • Damage/Leech-The target/s will be damaged. 450 Power Matter-Damage Power Item
  • Heal-The player will get a part of the health restored. 300 Power Matter-Heal Power Item
  • Protect-The player will be protected for a short while by the special attacks of the enemies or by infused ground. 460 Power Matter-Protect Power Item
  • Revive-If dies, the player will be revived in the same place he died. 560 Power Matter-Revive Power Item
  • Treasure Finder-The player will see more treasures on the map. 570 Power Matter-Treasure Finder Power Item
  • Jump-The player will have a bigger jump for a while. 460 Power Matter-Jump Power Item
  • Run-The player will have a quicker run for a while. 340 Power Matter-Run Power Item
  • ReCall-The player will get back to the last safe spot registered into an infected zone. 230 Power Matter-Recaller Power Item

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