Pristine Palisade
Pristine Parisade image
The icon of Pristine Palisade as shown in game
Map caption
Vital statistics
Type Tropical/retro
Level Level Number:3
Location Mobius Island
Inhabitants Parisade Robots

X (Vacant)

Angela (Vacant)

Dr. Ivi Rottnik (Attacked)

Lord C (Attacked)

Battle Kukku 15Th (Attacked)

Lots of Badniks

Maverick Hunter Reploids (Killled)

Pristine Plisade (Roman Palisa) is the final zone in Megaman X Nexus.Its an eco-friendly retro stage that has half of it filled whit water.There you battle Thunder-Flyer and Parisade Dragon.

Reaction to water

Pristine Palisade has water, and every playable charactre from the game has an reaction to it.

When entering in water, X will have infinite air due to the fact he is an reploid and dont need to take air.

Angela, Contarely if will stay to much in water, she will begin to drown and above her will appear ballon-shaped numbers that will be from 10 to 0.When she will go to 0, she will die.When the numbers appear and to dont die, go quickly to take air from where water is not.

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