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Proto Man Battle Network is a fangame built with DS Game Maker by SlasherB and Castillo Productions.The game is a sequel to Mega Man Battle Network 6, and is centered around ProtoMan.exe and Eugene Chaud II.

The game is currently in the early stages of development.


Chaud Jr, also nicknamed Turbo, strives to prove himself, and make his father proud of him. When granted ProtoMan.exe, the two form a spectacular team, surpassing his father's achievements at his age.

Turbo idolizes the F1 racers and wishes to become an official NetBattler. Turbo becomes a rival to Patch Hikari, and delivers a crushing defeat after several close battles. Turbo can also PulseIn at his father's office. Later, he can pulse in directly via a special headband and PET Adaptor.

Proto Man Battle Network integrates wireless play, and can connect to Mega Man Star Force 3 to unlock secret data.


The game does not take advantage of the DS' improved graphics. Instead, it relies on GBA style sprites to leave room for longer gameplay.

Early Battle Screenshot


The official homepage is located at

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