Proto Man Trigger
Proto Man Trigger
Vital statistics
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Gender Male
Race Reaverbot
Faction Evil
Health Health
Level Level
Status alive and at large
Location Unknown

Proto Man Trigger is a "Cousin" to Mega Man Trigger. He is jealous that the Master truly loved Mega Man.


Built by The Master's Grandfather, Protoman specializes in combat, whether it be up close and personal, or a ranged attack. His jealousy led him to attack and attempt to kill Mega Man.


Proto Man is the main antagonist of Rockman DASH conquest. He tries to kill Mega Man at numerous points in the game. After Mega Man defeats Proto Man, he gets into his rocket and flees.


Proto Man is well equipped. He has a giant shield strapped to his back, his left hand turns into a buster gun, and he wields a laser sword in his right hand. when he tries to attack, you must hit him square in the face with a buster shot. he will block anything else.



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