Protoman 21XX is an SNES and PC fan game by Jose R Cordero Ladner.


The game takes place after Mega Man X. the project originally aimed just to have Proto Man exists in the Mega Man X universe, but with further interest, the project developed into a flash game for PC in 2014. He has his own dialogue that alters the writing of the game to aim at him and many other pieces of dialogue have been altered to dictate Proto Man, instead of X.


1. Buster shots are now normal buster shots. (new)

2. Level 1 charge is changed into level 2 charge shots. (new)

3. Level 2 charge is changed into level 3 charge shots. (new)

4. Level 3 charge is changed into the charged rolling shield weapon. (new)

5. A small life bar.

6. Some new dialogue. (updated)

7. New weapon colors.

8. All of X’s graphic tiles have been changed with sprites of Proto Man. (some of them are edited)

9. Proto Man has his own weapon get sprite

10. Proto Man has his own 1 up sprite

11. Proto Man has his own life bar icon

12. Proto Man has his own mugshot

13. Proto Man shows up in the ending

14. Charge shot palettes are different

15. Dash length is short

16. Proto Man can only access 3 upgrade enhancements.

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