Vital statistics
Title Pseu Docks of Regal Forces
Gender Various
Race Pseudorocks
Faction Undecided
Health 50 Blows
Level Various
Status Undecided
Location Kingdom of Lord C

The Pseudorocks or Pseu Docks, called PseuPost Droids in japan, are eight Droids created to keep peace in the kingdom of Lord C.They are not very evil after created but they was corrupted by sigma virus and now they are puppets of evil.Lord C could not controlo they after being corrupted and infected.More Understandable they think alone but incorrect.



A crocodile-like member and guardian of Ice sleep area.He describes himself like the guardian of sleeping gods and a powerfull
member of the Pseudorocks.


A wasp-like member and guardian of Brimstone Old city.It makes a very feminine appearence and it takes every day, a lonely life.Kaizemine

Argoyle N Ugoyle

These are two cat brothers that were the guardians of Saint Ruins of Amazon.They are very crazy but smart in move.They like to
Argoyle N Ugoyle
be helpfull.The area of guarding is somewhere in amazon.

Vulturox Apsido

A eagleilike member and guardian of JunkYard.He uses a guitar and attacks whit sound-lasers and much other sound attacks.
Vulturox Apsido


A gazele-like member and guardian of supply train.Buckafire is more female and likes to burn things.Buckafire


A flower-like member and guardian of Neo area bot-ani-cal base.It is very ambitious and strong.He hate Buckafire.
Also, he is nown as Rosepark or Rospark, Floweroid or Floroid.


A manta-like member and guardian of frozen yard-lake.He is very fool and naive but strong in attack.


A hedgehog-like enemy and guardian of volt factory.Being female, her name is very hard to be pronounced.

Secret message

A secret mesage was showed after the defeat of all eight Pseudorocks but deleted due to some errors.This is it:

-It is just about time to make a coup, but that Maverick Hunters have tangled us and the problem to much to make it again good.We must fight to win our existence, this is the real purpose of Pseudorocks.Therefore, we must resist and fight to escape the virus, we are infected and corrupted, we have disappointed our Lord and now, we left to fight or die.The choice belong to us but we cannot chose what to do beacause we cannot think correctly.The fault: the virus corrupted and infected us.We do not worth to live and learn from our Lord.Pseudorocks were wise and strong robots but now they are just a bunch of fools.The single question is why?...

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