Punk is the second robot of the Mega Man Killers series built by Dr. Wily for the sole purpose of destroying Mega Man. In Mega Man Revolution, Punk gets rebuilt by Dr. Wily after Punk's last defeat, but Punk immediately swears a bitter vengeance on Mega Man after remembering his first defeat and decides to steal 8 of Professor Kobayashi's Robot Masters, before having Dr. Wily reprogram them for him one night.

Ever since his last defeat, Punk has turned from "fair and square" to extremely aggressive, violent, irritable, bad-tempered and downright cruel to anyone he says "is weaker" than him. He's also into barking orders at his minions, who will do anything he says...mostly because they're afraid of him, of course.


Punk uses the same strategy and attacks like in Mega Man 10, except he has some new attacks of his own. He can charge towards the player while doing a shoulder tackle that can send the player flying towards the wall if it hits, doing a lot of damage. Also, he can punch the ground to release a damaging shockwave that moves along the ground and must be jumped over to avoid it.

Once he's down to half of his health, he'll begin to charge towards the player while glowing red (during this, he's invulnerable to attack) and, upon contact, grab the player and punch them hard while slamming them into a wall, doing serious damage to the player in the progress.