Push Man

Time to give life a push!
Vital statistics
Title Literally Unatractive,
Gender Male
Race Robot Master
Faction Light Bots, Unknown
Health 28
Level Medium
Status Alive
Location Light Simulator: Power Plant

Push Man is a Robot Master boss from Mega Man Century 2.


Like several others in the game, the creator of Boom Man is unknown. He is rediculously similar to Magnet Man. Because of this, people and robots occasionally refer to him as Magnet Man.

Good Point: Trustworthy

Bad Point: Antisocial

Like: Moving things

Dislike: Gravity


A magnetism-based RM. He creates a magnetic field around him made to repel things. Push Man seems to have difficulty finding a job recently becuase the way he uses magnetism isn't exactly what others need. Looks similar to Magnet Man, but with various elements moved around and changed.

His weapon is Repel Magnet, which is essentially the magnetic field mentioned. It's a shield weapon.


Stay close to Push Man as possible, as he will usually try to push you away with Repel Magnet, then firing magnets almost in the style of the Magnet Missile, but homing. The Super Spin can deflect the magnets, but doing so will not harm Push Man. The Self-Destruct, when used in half of its full charge, can OHKO Push Man when in range. Just stay close while charging, as Push Man won't do anything except using Repel Magnet, which doesn't block the Self-Destruct.


  • "You can't touch me!"
  • "You're in my personal space!"


  • Push Man is annoyed by anyone who gets really close to him.
  • There are slight differences in design between him and Magnet Man

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