Rana Man
Rana Man
"You'll make a fine appetizer!"
Vital statistics
Title DGN-003
Gender Male-Programming
Race Robot Master
Faction Anura Unit (primary)
Dr. Grenouille (secondary)
Health 28
Level Misery Plateau
Status Decommissioned (Rebuilt)
Location The Ozarks, Missouri

Rana Man is a robot master built by Dr. Grenouille at the behest of the founding members of the Anura Unit. Having already built Gold Man and Hylid Man, she was informed that the Anura Unit did not necessarily need the robot masters to be influenced by their design at all and so, overtly embarrassed, overcompensated with Rana Man. While still partially inspired by the growing unit's design majority, he was given a far larger scale. This would be Grenouille's last RM built in this design style, until the Anura Unit started the Anuran Army a few years after their first defeat. Rana's theme animal is that of the bullfrog.

Rana Man is built as an absolute powerhouse, and his attacks are long-reaching and incredibly powerful, although slow. His leap causes a shockwave when he hits the ground, as well as stuns any foe still standing.

Behind the scenes

  • Rana Man's quote is a reference to bullfrogs being highly indiscriminate consumers, eating anything they can overpower and stuff down their throat.
  • His level's name, Misery Plateau, is a play on the name of the state he resides in, Missouri.
  • Rana Man was originally designed as part of a personal poster project called The Anura Unit not intended for use outside of creating a simple poster for himself. In this, he had the same body plan as Toad and Frog Man, but was twice their size. This was soon changed to make him more unique when he was converted into an actual character.

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