The Regal Metropolis is a huge city build by Lord C ,that now makes up Eurasia.Regal Metropolis is a kind of futuristic, botanical and comercial world that is the whole Eurasia (During the grand wars, Lord C replaced Eurasia whit Regal Metropolis) where Lord C, and many other of the villians and heroes are located.


The city has more attractions located in different parts of the city, and, as Lord C says:``Worth all the money``.

  • The Botanic Base-appears to be a huge Greenhouse world filled whit oddly geometrical plants and hostile flora, mainly the favourite of Lord C.
  • The Amazing arena-is the main fun place of the Regal Metropolis, where everyone can entertain how wanting.
  • The Techno tower-is the ``Control center` of the Regal Metropolis, where in top, is a Glass-chamber where are the monitors that watch over the entire city.
  • The Pillar of Autumn- is the misterious corner of the Regal Metropolis, apparently an abandoned terrain, however tourists pay hard money to see the zone.
  • The Tech Square-coming back from MMXWOX, is the main headquarter of Lord C, apparently, the zone is still under construction due to the fact, in past Fuse threated the place.
  • The Boom-Boom Beach-(abreviated BB Beach or BBB) is a place, whit opening to the sea, mainly being done out of Beach (however not the whole place is a beach).

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