Repliforce Flag

The Repliforce Empire is a large and powerful organization. It is also the biggest and technological force. Because of their great strength and reputation the empire is labeled as one of the Great Empires. The leader of the empire is King Rohan. It is also the main antagonist organization of the Megaman NGX, and Human Alliance series.



Royal Family and Nobels

Vice-Kings and Vice-Queens

Field Vice-Kings

These Vice-Kings serve as field leader of the Empire. They specialize in combat and strategies.


​Royal Guards - Commander: King Rohan

Commando Force (Bloody Barons) - Commander: Bass

Fighter Army (Battle Brigade) - Commander: High Max

Super Power Army (Miracles) - Commander: Energyman

Science/Intel Team (BIO [Biotechnological Ingenious Overlord]) - Commander: Gate

Judical Force (Judge) - Commander: Judgeman

Assault Guards (END) - Commander: Gateman

Assassin Corp. (Death) - Commander: Sun Star

Magic Army (Mystics) - Commander: Magicman





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