„So you wanted to fight in cyberspace..Here is it!„ -Cyber blue Maze

„Who would think that controling cybery could be so fun?„ Cyberty Control

„Swamps are not my style or taste but I dare it„ -Gloomy Heating Swamp

„If you wish sky and snow all in one, Here is your wish kind!„ -Snow Highs

„Finally my own stage, a complete perplex of comp...Leave this, lets fight on this bridge!„ Perplex Puzzle-CH

Rex-2000 is a mechanic, professional robot created to keep away intruders and he will fight in areas that are not good for you.It is named Rex beacause it looks like a T-Rex and 2000 beacause he was created from 2000 Pieces.It is piloted by a reploid called Mag Joi or Mad Joey.&nbsp



Battle areas

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