„No matter as how powerfull they may be, they fall like the other ones„-Rexfist Overlord

Overlord Rexfist (Also called Raxion Lord or Rexfist Overlord) is a sub boss from Megaman X:World Of X that appears in Doomed Cages (Stage).


Overlord Rexfist looks at first eye like a demon/Dragon whit blue skin,Two down-linear eyes,A floater insread of legs (explaining why he is so quickly) and two little arms.


Overlord Rexfist will begin whit trying to overrun the player and falling on him.After that, he will launch some blue spheres from his blue core.After all these, after a signifiant of his HP is depleded, he willl begin to shot Too-Much-Damaging lasers from his core.

After his defeat, he will fall exploding in pieces.


  • Much people asks:-Is Rexfist a Runnderable character?The answer is no. Even if the player goes down him when he tryies to overrun the player, he is not Runnderable or Runndering character.

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