Rokko Chan (ロッコちゃん Rokko-chan) is a flash fan game by king-soukutu (王の巣窟, Ō no Sōkutsu or Ou no Soukutu) based on the classic Mega Man games. It was released in 2011.


Stage Select Bosses

NameSpecial WeaponWeakness
Hockey ManIce ShieldLightning Flash
Volcano ManVolcano CannonIce Shield
Lightning ManLightning FlashRolling Ring
Jet ManJet MissileForest Whip
Rolling ManRolling RingJet Missile
Forest ManForest WhipVolcano Cannon

Fortress Bosses

  1. Mad Sisters
  2. Gyorui the Great
  3. Copy Weapon
  4. Mad Machine

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