Rotary Man
Rotary Man

"Time for me to put a new spin on things!"
Vital statistics
Title HSN-008
Gender Male
Race Robot Master
Faction Heavenly Soldiers
Health 28
Level Hard
Status Unknown
Location Hermes Institute

Rotary Man is a Robot Master boss from "Mega Man 11: Heavenly Challenge".


Said to be a more improved version of Top Man's design, Rotary Man was built by the Hermes Institute and stationed to work as an overseer of the many researchers in there. Thanks to being built with gyroscopic parts, he can twist and turn his body parts at a quick rate, which comes in handy for getting his work done quicker.

Rotary Man, to put it bluntly, is an utter braggart who enjoys mouthing off to slower opponents while making their heads spin with his speed and twisting limbs. What he lacks in the courtesy department, however, he makes up for it in being a quick worker. He enjoys pulling tricks on half-pipes and putting them on the Internet, but can't stand being told to wait, which explains his animosity towards waiting rooms and long line-ups.


Rotary Man has three black strands of hair, droopy magenta eyes with blue eyelids and peach skin. He also has magenta forearms with white hands and a yellow stripe around each wrist.

His attire consists of a dark grey beanie cap with a yellow gem on the front, magenta armor with a white collar and stripe on his torso, a silver belt with small yellow bolts on it, magenta colored boots with a white stripe and a yellow gem decorating each one and a black bodysuit underneath his armor. In the place of feet are small black wheels.

His weapon, the Cyclone Spin, is done by spinning at a very fast rate to create a stationary tornado around his body, which can also be used to give him a boost in mid-air, not to mention it can even spin Scythe Woman's scythe back at her.


While Rotary Man takes twice the amount of damage from the Mega Buster, he's incredibly fast when it comes to mobility, so beware of getting side-swiped.

Rotary Man will often zoom around the room, stopping to leap forward and try to hit the player with a jumping spin-kick. He can also rapidly spin his torso around to create a stationary tornado around him, which will give him a boost should he use it in mid-air.

His weakness, the Meteor Strike, can trip him up if he's on the ground, which leaves him open for the weapon's resulting shockwave. It can also damage him greatly upon contact, though the player needs to have perfect timing for it to connect.


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