Roulette Woman is a robot created to work in casinos, she come from the MutliService Robot Company. Roulette Woman is the "boss" of all the robots in her section of the casino.


Created for use at roulette tables with her feminine shape and sensual voice she easily can divert even the most determined mens' attention (this doesn't work on MegaMan because he is not interested in older women).

"Why don't you take chance on me!"

Good point: Determined

Bad point: Cheater

Like: Flirting

Dislike: MysteryWoman




  • RouletteWoman was created as the female version of HKlurch18's GambleMan.[1]
  • RouletteWoman's and MysteryWoman's mutual hatred for each other comes from the fact the day each character was released for public veiwing (the day there finalized cgs were posted). Roulette Woman recieved more attention than MysteryWoman, Roulette rubbed her it in MysteryWoman's face, and that was the being of their rivalry [1].

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