Sal Man
Sal Man Rough Draft
"I'll spawn til I die!"
Vital statistics
Title Sal Mon, DPN-0??
Gender Male-Programming
Race Robot Master
Faction Dr. Kojiro
Health 28
Level Robot Spawning Grounds
Status Decommissionable
Location Alaska

Dr. Kojiro's <currently unspecified #> robot master Sal Man was based on the theme of a salmon.

Sal Man's area has been designed to be steep, with a pool of water at the bottom of one side and a waterfall flowing down the rest. Sal Man will jump up the plateaus that form this waterfall one at a time, shooting as he jumps. Once he reaches the top, he performs another attack and leaps back down to the bottom to repeat his procedure over and over again. However, if an opponent gets behind him, he is not stupid and will leap back down to contend with the foe.


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