Seana is the only Robot Master that's the sister of another Robot Master. She's the sister of Crab Woman. It's unknown of what she was originally designed her. It's rumored that Crab Woman built her. She, like Crab Woman, can change her claws into hands. She has a trident like Terra Man.

There's a defect in her voice circuits, meaning she can't talk, so she has to communicate by sign language and words that don't make sense to someone who doesn't know what it means.

Apparently, the thinks she's beautiful.

Stage enemies

Look at Crab Woman.

Robot Master Field Guide Data


  • Good Point: Her trident
  • Bad Point: Being called "Ugly"
  • Likes: Herself
  • Dislikes: People who call her "Ugly"


Drag (She runs toward the player, with her trident dragging on the ground, making a hole that the player will fall in if not avoided with a well timed jump)

Throat Slit (Her claw will close in on the player's neck, and then she opens her claw and take it away, making the player's throat bleed, so the player's HP will slowly drain for a few seconds.)


Keep hitting her with Mega Buster, and jump when she attacks.

Appearance in other media

Mega Man (Ruby Spears)

She appeared in "Seana's Plague" and "Here's Seana!" She looks exactly the same as her game version, but, unlike her game version, she can talk properly. Either Crab Woman fixed it, or it's another Seana Crab Woman built, but perfected.


Appeared in "Lobster Madness" "Anger Management" and "Lose the claws, girl"


A bit like Crab Woman's, but she's more haughty.


  • Sister of Crab Woman.

Fun fact!

Even though Seana has crab legs instead of feet, she can run faster then a human; and Mega Man!

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