The Senate of Death Ballom is another team formed by Ballom for the purpose of destroying the hunters.



  • Ballom master

Original Team

Headhunter Thalon

Headhunter Thalon is a mechanized Bounty hunter and headhunter whit incedible speed and power.

Thalon appears as a Manta/Jet whit a strange mask.He has anchor-like feet but he has short arms wich he is not making too much usage.


Sonicon is a human who was mutated intro a strange creature but stronghtened himself whit mechanical parts.

Sonicon appears like a mechanical scorpion whit a skull symbol on its back (who was proved to be the Bonne symbol).He once worked for Tronne Bonne but joined the Senate of Death Ballom.This is the reason he wears the bonne symbol.

Lord Gamabunta

Lord Gamabunta is a very strange, mutant carnivorous plant wearing a crown.

Gamabunta has very long neck, tail and tongue, two giant claws but he has very little legs so he walks like a gorilla.His tail contains a very strong venom wich could kill a huge mechaniloid.He has somketimes a very feminine personality but he is really evil!When he sticks his tongue, he can swallow his prey whole.


Glawcer is a sacre, smart and giant serpent who uses his tail as hand.

Glawcer is extremly smart and quick, the perfect assasin for Ballom.Glawcer can make himself larger or longer, depending of the situation he is in.He has two horns, and much sharp teeth.He is very sneaky but very bloody.

Cyclo J

Cyclo J is a extremly tall jet-like reploid who has wheels instead of feet.

Cyclo J is not using very much his claws, he morely uses karate kicks and lasers.Cyclo J is childish but sometimes he is getting too serious.Cyclo can extend his neck so he can look in all directions at once.He uses his claws as wings for flying.


Cyberonn is a mechanical cerberus whit a great inteligence.

Even if Cyberonn has three heads, the three speak, think and do the same thing.Cyberonn dislikes poodles (beacause one peed on his leg ).Cyberonn has a razor tail that can block, create or reflect much attacks.Cyberonn is very serious and he has no humor.


Wariorilla has his name a pun of Warrrior and gorilla.He is considered by Gamabunta ``The No-mind brute``.

Warriorilla is notably slow but has huge muscles and big fists for fighting off any enemy.Warriorilla has not much story, besides the fact he has limited mind.

Obliterator Skyterror

Obliterator Skyterror was created by Ballom by combining all the powers of the fallen team after they died.

Skyterror has long Tendrills and wings, a razorside tail and he carryes on his back a huge orbital cannon.Skyterror (like Funnel Man) is having no vocal chip so he cannot speak.

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