Sheen Torrence
トレンスシーン {{{romanji}}}
Eye ColorGreen
Hair ColorGreen
First AppearanceMovie
Alter EgoCrash Man
Theme ColorOrange
Main WeaponCrash Bomber
Sheen is one of the main characters of Technoliners.


"Uugh, I wish I had hands..."
―Sheen, Technoliner

Sheen's Past

Sheen has his arms cut off when he saw a masked burglar, causing him to bleed severly. He is rushed to the hospital, then his arms are thrown away. He has an inability to use objects without hands.

Crash Man

Crash Man (Pop'n Music Form)
Crash Man is the alter ego of Sheen.


Sheen- The word was meant as a soft luster on the surface or to shine softly.

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